I’m Jane and I help women with digestive issues take control of their health through food. I’m a Registered Nutritionist MBANT and a digestive health expert.

I can help you to feel better and get in control of your health.  My specialist knowledge & personal experience means I understand your anxiety and know how to help you regain control over your digestion, mood and energy levels.

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This fabulous 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan has been created for you, based on my years of bitter personal experience (boo), clinical experience (yay) combined with the latest research on the constantly-evolving microbiome (microorganisms that live in your gut and their collective genetic material).

Are you…

  • Frustrated by not knowing what to eat to help your tummy?
  • Disgruntled by the discomfort of bloating and gas?
  • Fed up with constipation, diarrhoea or unpredictable bowel movements?
  • Confused by media coverage of what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for your gut?
  • Annoyed with often putting your life on hold?
  • Frustrated by your lack of energy?
  • Irritated by your low or fluctuating mood?
  • Paralysed by inaction as you don’t know where to start?
  • Concerned about maintaining good gut health?

My experience of IBS, intolerances and compromised immunity meant years of anxiety, discomfort and the frustration of not knowing what to do.  I understand how you feel and know how important it is for you to find someone who can help you on your journey.

Do you want to feel…

  • In control of your health?
  • Happy there’s light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Reassured what foods will help and hinder your tummy?
  • A calmer and more predictable tummy?
  • Increased energy?
  • A revitalised mood?
  • Relief that you’ve got access to safe, practical advice?
  • Happy that you have recipes for every occasion at your fingertips?
  • Supported – with others who understand?

My life changed for the better when I realised how much food could make a positive different to my IBS.   I want to help others not to suffer for as long as I did, there really is no need.  After years of doing mainly 1:1 personalised nutrition consultations, I have created this 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan to be able to help more people like you.

You will get access to…

  • Immediately downloadable 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan to view on your device or to print
  • Safe, practical & realistic advice from a qualified nutritionist specialist in digestive health
  • Optimally balanced recipes – I’ve done all the thinking for you
  • Over 50 delicious recipes to tempt your taste buds:
  • 14 breakfasts
  • 14 lunches
  • 14 dinners
  • 14 snacks
  • 12 drinks
  • 14 condiments
  • Shopping list (vast majority from standard supermarkets)
  • Jane’s top tips (simple but effective)
  • Fad-free, weird ingredient-free recipes
  • Useful checklists to help you reach your goal
  • A gorgeous Gut-Friendly Guidelines chart to stick on your fridge
  • Clear guidance of how to start the plan – dive in head first or dip your toe tentatively
  • A closed Facebook Group to get support from me and other Meal Planners

PLUS:  You will never be hungry or feel deprived – gorgeous, mouth-watering treats are an integral part of this plan!

You can get all of this for a one-off payment of £30.

It’s not for you if….

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or magic pill
  • Cooking from scratch is never going to be part of your repertoire
  • You want the desired outcome without putting in the work
  • You have a multiple ‘non-negotiable’ mindset
  • You only want to spend 5 minutes preparing dinner

It’s for you if….

  • You understand cooking real, whole food is the key to a healthy gut for now and the future
  • You can’t afford 1:1 personalised support
  • You’re open to viewing food as medicine
  • You’re willing to invest time in preparing healthy food that will nourish you
  • You long to be part of a small, caring community that supports each other on an often-difficult journey

Just to clarify…

The Meal Plan can help:

Support your stomach acid and digestive enzyme secretion

Encourage bile flow for a healthy liver and gall bladder

Improve bacterial balance favouring the good over bad

Heal and repair the integrity of the mucosal gut lining

Reduce food intolerance reactions


Can I just do part of the plan?

Yes definitely.  You can do as much or as little as you want. I have seen transformational results with just increasing hydration and changing snacks. However, to really heal your gut for the long-term then you do require good-quality proteins and a variety of plant foods to repair and nourish your gut microbiome. 

Is it suitable for coeliacs? 

Yes. It is entirely gluten-free.  It also avoids dairy which many coeliacs have difficulty tolerating. It’s also gut-healing which is vital for coeliacs who have intestinal damage. 

Can I follow this as a vegetarian or a vegan?

Yes. As it is heavily plant-based, it only takes a few tweaks:


This meal plan includes 50% veg, fruit & herbs.  That rises to 75% when we include grains and starchy veg.  So, it’s only the last 25% that needs to be tweaked. About 10% of this is eggs and nuts, so that leaves about 15% to be substituted. 


It’s the eggs and honey that need substituting. Honey is easy – just use maple syrup.  There’s still 6 out of 14 breakfasts you can have exactly as the recipe, plus a few of them easily adaptable.  I would suggest that you choose higher-protein protein veg include avocado, asparagus & spinach and focus on chia, tahini, hemp, quinoa, buckwheat, brown and wild rice.  

Can I use gluten-free shop-bought products?

I’m afraid not.  They are not recommended on the plan for two reasons.

1.  I want to encourage you to eat more veg and have less reliance on bread.  Of course, you can go re-introduce it later on, but it may be a trigger for you.

2.  Gluten-free products often have more additives, emulsifiers, sugar, starches, salt and gums added than gluten-containing versions.  This is to replace the ‘glue’ that is lost without gluten. These additives have a detrimental effect on your microbiome. 

As well as 3 awesome bread recipes in the plan, I do have a secret weapon 😉 of a great artisan sourdough gluten-free bread (you can order online) that is great as a back up! 

How will I know if it’s working for me?

There are symptom checker sheets in the plan for you to track your symptoms. 

Will it cost me any more eating on this plan?

Not necessarily.  If you grab a latte on your way to work every day or get through a bottle of wine most weeks, then the money you will save on those will go towards the increased veg and good-quality protein.  There are tips in the plan to help with this.

Do I need any expensive equipment?

Nope.  A blender is required if you like the smoothie recipes. A food processor is ideal for some of the treats, but they can be made with basic models available for under £20. 

Will my weight change?

Most people when following a lower-grain, higher-fat diet will lose weight.   

You may be finding it hard to shift weight due to physical stress from digestive upset causing your hormones to store fat or being peri-menopausal when fat distribution often changes.  Food intolerances can cause weight retention.  

However, if you have seriously compromised digestive health (e.g. SIBO, IBD, chronic diarrhoea, severe IBS) then you may not be absorbing properly and not utilising nutrients from your food leading to weight loss.  

Is this a Low-FODMAP diet?

It is not a Low-FODMAP diet but includes many of the principles.  Some high-FODMAP (often problematic foods) such as gluten, legumes, dairy, commercial condiments, sweeteners & fruit juices are not included in my meal plan.   However, prebiotic veg & fruit that are high-FODMAP are allowed such as apple, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, leek, mushrooms, onions as well as honey, dates, dried apricots & cashews as these are essential to feed your gut microbiome. 

Can I use frozen veg and fruit?

Absolutely.  They are often cheaper plus they are usually picked in season and frozen immediately, retaining more nutrients.  

Can I use pre-prepared fruit & veg?

Yes. Supermarkets now make courgetti, squash noodles, cauliflower rice or pre-prepared veg ready for cooking. 

I’m already grain-free, can I still use this plan?

Absolutely.  Most of the main meal recipes have the option of adding grains but are easy to adapt. The 15% of your plate that includes grains, just choose starchy veg instead or have slightly more than a quarter of your plate protein. The snacks contain more grains, but there are plenty you can choose from without, or alternatively substitute coconut flour and almond flour in the recipes.   You haven’t lived till you’ve tried the grain-free psyllium bun recipe! 

Where will I get calcium from without dairy products?

This plan is calcium-rich in dark green leafy veg, nuts, seeds, herbs, whole grains & dates.  Fish canned with their bones is also a rich source. Foods that hinder calcium absorption such as alcohol, caffeine, fizzy drinks, excess glucose & sweeteners are not permitted on this plan, so you more than likely will increase your calcium intake and absorption on this plan. 

What if I am out and about and can’t find any suitable food?

Preparation is a massive part of the success of this meal plan.  Think ahead and be prepared.  The plan gives ideas & shopping lists.

For an investment of just £30 you can have light at the end of the tunnel.

BONUS:  Oh, and if you decide in the future to work with me 1:1 this will be refundable against my new 6 month gut-healing and 1 day VIP intensive programmes.

30 day 100% money-back guarantee:  I am confident that my 14 Day Gut-Friendly Meal Plan can help you. I see lives transformed every day.  I cannot give you a guarantee of any health outcome, that is largely down to what you choose to undertake.  What I can give you is a guarantee of satisfaction that my Meal Plan is an excellent & inspiring product and if it is not a valuable investment for you, then I will happily refund your money.

Simple. No risk. 100% guaranteed.

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